24/7 Vechicle Tracking And Location History At An Unbeatable Price

The Advanced Tracking Services offered by Lokalisami prevents theft or unauthorized use of your vehicle. Our easy to use Tracking System provides the most affordable way to know the location of your vehicle at any time! Both live and any other time in the past! We offer the most simple to use, most affordable and reliable (highly available) service. This is why countless local companies with both small and large fleets use our services.

Easy And Affordable

Both Installation and Service Fee is very affordably priced. Everybody knows about GPS tracking and it's advantages, only it has always been prohibitively expensive in the past, but not anymore. Our customized system is tailored to our market and is optimized for maximum ease of use. Accessing your vehicle location data is as easy as just ONE (1) step. Use it on your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone, our tracking interface adapts to any device. And everything is safely secured by your secret code and encrypted by SSL.

Anti-Theft and Family Safety

Absolute protection is almost impossible, but an effective solution is one that is not easy to defeat. Because our device is so small and due to the myriad of places our device can be hidden inside or outside the vehicle, our solution becomes a significant hassle to the would be thief. Our devices also contain a (built-in) backup battery in case the vehicle's battery is disconnected. Our device is not placed in the same place in every car. We make your life easy while making things more complicated for the ones who intend to steal your vehicle. For parents, it also provides information about driving (speed) and location of their children. You can rest assured that you can locate your loved ones if you ever need to.

Easy Fleet Mangement

We also offer very attractively priced fleet tracking services; Rental Car, Delivery Agents or Corporate Vehicle Tracking. Know where and how your company vehicles are being driven. Advanced features for Fleet Tracking Customers include detailed location history reports with both graphical representation (on a geographical map) as well as text based reports with timestamps, speed, address details and even including all local business or venue/building names. Keep your assets safe and productivity high.